FSSAI Central License

FSSAI Central license is the topmost category of licenses. People who are into the operations such as importers, 100 percent EOUs, operators in Central Government agencies, airports, seaports, etc. need to take the FSSAI central license from the central authority.

It is issued so that food being provided is safe, standardize and edible. The contents of the food served such as preservatives, artificial sweeteners etc. are below the prescribed limit.

The Indian government issues this license so that, the people can receive the best quality food from the manufacturers and also so that harmful ingredients are not used in the manufacturing. This prevents people form eating unhealthy and also builds trusts of people on the food being manufactured.

FSSAI central license is the license issued for large sized manufacturers whose turnover rate is more than Rs. 20 crores annually. FSSAI Central license has made it mandatory to get license so that the population receives the highest quality of food products subject to the standards set internationally. Moreover, with the import and export of food products rising, it is mandatory that the food which is imported is of highest quality. Otherwise, the reputation of our products will fall in the international market.

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Why is FSSAI Central License mandatory?

With the rising development and increasing population comes the need for providing the best quality of food to the citizens. This is only possible if there is some authority which checks the type of food being provided, the workplace here it is produced and the way it is produced. Hence, FSSAI steps and sees to all these operations.

FSSAI issues licenses after a thorough checking of all the part and parcel of food production. When the personnel of authorities are satisfied, they issue the particular license to carry out the manufacturing of food products.

FSSAI has also made it mandatory to get license to stop several illegal practises of selling spurious food products. This helps in preventing various malpractices in the food production. In addition to this, FSSAI license gives weightage to the fact that food is genuine, is free from spurious products, and contains preservatives and artificial flavours under the prescribed limit.

Benefits of FSSAI Central License:

1. Awareness:

Consumers today are health conscious. They know what is good for them and what is not? This reasoning has culminated into the food department also. Today, people are focusing on their diet and are conscious of what they eat? The FSSAI state license does the job of giving them assurance that the food they are eating is of good quality and does not contain any harmful ingredients.

2. Legal Advantage:

It is advisable to get a FSSAI basic license, so that small businesses do not get stuck in legal penalties. Because many a time firms try to evade from getting a license. They do not understand the benefit of getting the license. And thus, try to save the cost in getting the license. But the firms must understand that benefits received from getting the license outweigh the costs involved in it.

3. Business Expansion:

Every business starts small. Businesses need to get their FSSAI basic license because it helps in the expansion of the business. It helps in the expansion by building goodwill of the business. Goodwill for any food manufacturer is important because in this industry goodwill are trust are important for growth. And this goodwill can be built by getting a FSSAI license.

Moreover, for businesses in food manufacturing and other related activities, goodwill is an important asset. Goodwill helps in generating brand value and hence, helps in business expansion.

4. FSSAI logo:

The very major benefit of getting a FSSAI certificate is businesses using the FSSAI basic license logo. FSSAI logo gives the reflection that the particular food product is safe, good to consume. This increases the brand loyalty and increases he consumer base of the concerned manufacturer.

These all help in the generation of more revenue. Furthermore, it also helps business to build name for itself. FSSAI logo lends brand value to the products. FSSAI is seen as a symbol of quality by the consumers. Hence, businesses should get a FSSA license.

List of documents required for FSSAI registration:

  1. PAN card of the concerned person.
  2. MOA (Memorandum of Association), AOA (Article of Association), COI (Certificate of Incorporation).
  3. Proof of the land on which the business stands.
  4. Authorisation letter from all the partners.
  5. Aadhaar Card, of the directors/partners is required.
  6. Partnership deed, in case of a partnership firm.
  7. A blank cheque.
  8. A board of resolution.
  9. Declaration, a self-declaration is required in the format to be provided us.

Validity of FSSAI Central license:

The FSSAI basic license thus issued is valid for 1 to 5 years as per the registration by the food businessmen. If your FSSAI license is going to expire than you must get it renewed before the expiry in order to prevent the penalty charged for applying after the expiry date.

FSSAI Central License online procedure:

  1. Planning of business, it is the very first step in the planning of business. Manufacturer should focus on the type of business they want to establish.
  2. Calculate the annual turnover rate for your business because it will help you to determine the type of license you require.
  3. Pay the fee for challan to the debtor.
  4. All the mentioned documents must be then submitted to the designated office.
  5. Inspect the application before submission and complete the registration process.

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