What Is FSSAI Licence?

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), is a central institution that is established under the Ministry of health and family welfare, the government of India. This institution was established to regulate the industries which manufacture, produce or provide food and related products to the population. This institution is responsible for protecting and as well as promoting the health of the citizens across the country.

FSSAI issues licenses across various states to regulate the food industries across the Indian subcontinent. The regulation is necessary because there is an increase in spurious food products all across the country. These products thus have resulted in the rising health issues across the country among the citizens. This thus resulted in the need for a licensing authority that can control the food industry and set up standards so that only the best quality food products reach the market.

Moreover, the FSSAI license also helps in recognizing the brand value of various products. It helps in giving the customer the assurance that the concerned food product is free from any spurious substance and is of the best quality.

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FSSAI licenses are a way of regulating the food industry. It helps the government to set food standards across the country. It also helps the government to form rules and regulations and keep themselves up to date with the norms of the industry and also to know what all is happening in this industry?

Hence, we see that FSSAI License is a certificate of quality of the product and it also prevents the companies from facing any legal penalties on the grounds if their product is challenged. Furthermore, it is also a source of revenue for the Indian government.

Advantages of FSSAI License:

1. Quality:

FSSAI License is an indicator of quality. It assures the general consumer that the product he is eating is free from any harmful material and is fit to eat. Quality is very important in the food industry because people are health conscious and know what they are eating and drinking? Thus, it becomes important to regulate this industry because three are many sellers who would just for a side profit sell harmful products to consumers.

Hence, it becomes important to monitor this industry and keep a check on the food products that are supplied in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to issue the FFSAI License and monitor this industry and keep a check on the activities of this industry.

2. Brand Loyalty:

Yes! You heard it right, getting an FSSAI License can help your product to develop brand loyalty because consumers look for the FSSAI on food products. A product with the logo catches the attention of the consumers and develops faith in the products of the company. Moreover, it is also important for its products to develop brand loyalty.

Because brand loyalty helps to have a large wide base of consumers and helps to increase the revenue of the firm. An increase in brand loyalty helps to generate goodwill and the armlet power of the firm. Thus, we see that the FSSAI License helps to generate brand loyalty.

3. Legal Obligations:

There are several legal obligations that can be sidestepped by issuing an FFSAI license. A company may fall into hot water for not getting their FSSAI License. Because it is the determinant of quality and hence helps the owner.

Moreover, getting a FSSAI license helps to gain credibility of creditors and helps to get to establish a reputation of the firm in the market. Thus, we see that apart from generating brand value or giving assurance of the quality, the FSSAI license also helps to avoid several legal penalties. Moreover, we see that the FSSAI license also helps to build market power.

4. FSSAI License logo:

Getting an FSSAI license, gives the right to use the logo of FSSAI. In, addition to this, the FSSAI logo in itself has a brand value. And putting that logo enhances the brand value of the product. FSSAI logo in itself gives the assurance of the quality, safety, authenticity as well as increases the brand value of the product concerned.

FSSAI logo is a brand value logo because people look for it on the food products and thus are immediately assured of the quality of the product. They need not go through each and every ingredient separately and look for spurious or harmful substances.

5. Business Expansion:

FSSAI license establishes your reputation as a manufacturer because it is not an easy license to obtain. One has to follow very stringent rules and norms and comply with various standards to get the license. Hence, if your product has an FSSAI license, this means that the product is safe and does not contain any harmful substances.

FSSAI license also helps to fulfill your credit requirement for business expansion. And furthermore, it helps to get the reputation of your business up in the market. This thus improves your credibility and helps you to establish market power.

Validity of FSSAI licence Certificate

The FSSAI Central license thus issued is valid for 1 to 5 years as per the registration by the food businessmen. If your FSSAI license is going to expire then you must get it renewed before the expiry in order to prevent the penalty charged for applying after the expiry date.

FSSAI Online Registration Procedure

  1. Planning of business, it is the very first step in the planning of business. Manufacturer should focus on the type of business they want to establish.
  2. Calculate the annual turnover rate for your business because it will help you to determine the type of license you require.
  3. Pay the fee for challan to the debtor.
  4. All the mentioned documents must be then submitted to the designated office.
  5. Inspect the application before submission and complete the registration process.

List of documents required for FSSAI Central License registration

  1. PAN card of the concerned person.
  2. MOA (Memorandum of Association), AOA (Article of Association), COI (Certificate of Incorporation).
  3. Proof of the land on which the business stands.
  4. Authorisation letter from all the partners.
  5. Aadhaar Card, of the directors/partners is required.
  6. Partnership deed, in case of a partnership firm.
  7. A blank cheque.
  8. A board of resolution.
  9. Declaration, a self-declaration is required in the format to be provided us.

Resolve Your Queries

Q1. Why do I need to get a FSSAI license?

Ans. If you want to establish any food manufacturing unit or any food-related products, you need to get a FSSAI license.

Q2. What is the validity of the FSSAI license?

Ans. The FSSAI license is valid from 1 (one) to 5 (five) years.

Q3. What are the types of FSSAI License?

Ans. There are three types of FSSAI license viz, basic state and central.

Q4. What are the documents required for a FSSAI license?

Ans. There are various documents required viz, PAN, Aadhar, Utility bill, Address proof, photograph, etc.

Q5. Can I face legal consequences if I do not get a FSSAI license?

Ans. Yes! The penalty ranges from Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs. And even have to pay a heavy compensation if the food product thus produced results in the death of a person.

Q6. What is the renewal time period of a FSSAI license?

Ans. The FSSAI license needs are to renewed before o on 120 days of its expiry.

Q7. Is it mandatory for export units to get FSSAI license?

Ans. Yes, all export and import units are required to get FSSAI license.

Q8. Do companies under government also require FSSAI license?

Ans. Yes, companies under government administration such as railways, airport, seaport, and, etc. do require FSSAI license.

Q9. Do company who manufacture only input for food products also require FSSAI license?

Ans. Yes, the company that manufactures only inputs for food and related products does require FSSAI license.

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